The Principal

Brent Horine launched Clarcona Technology, LCC in 1995 after working in a variety of engineer and leadership roles for several technology-based companies. He serves as the firm’s principal and managing member.

Mr. Horine’s 25-year career has provided him with a diverse background in RF electronics and software development. He has spent most of his career in small, entrepreneurial companies and has a stellar record of commercializing cutting edge technology. Today, he focuses on providing solutions for challenging wireless communications issues.  Because of the depth and breadth of his technical skills, he can confidently jump into your project, team and organization and begin to immediately contribute. Mr. Horine can also work with the top management to provide project leadership, vision, coordination and help support team building, company infrastructure, and marketing.

Mr. Horine’s Background

During his career, Mr. Horine has seemed to always find himself in the middle of emerging industries. While he is currently involved in research in cognitive radio and dynamic spectrum access, his earlier career was equally exciting and fruitful.

Throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, he was a key contributor to the commercialization of Surface Acoustic Wave technology. He was noted as a world-wide leader in the design and manufacture of coupled-resonator filters. He also was formative in the niche of SAW based chemical vapor sensors. At first, he served as the inside guy at Sawtek that helped the sensor R&ampD community with getting custom SAW resonator and delay line die.

He then led an in-house team of RF, chemical, and mechanical engineers along with coordinating the collaboration with researchers at two federal labs in the pursuit of a hand-held chemical detector for environmental site remediation monitoring.

In the 1990s, Mr. Horine made the jump to software development as the internet revolution was taking off. Along the way, he worked on one of the first Windows based on-line clinical record medical systems. He eventually ended up responsible for all software for a GPS based fleet management system, just as the market was taking off. It was a small company and another engineer worked on the hardware. Every now and then, Mr. Horine would need to deal with the RF side of things and he would jump in to tackle some impedance matching or other uniquely RF task. It was then that he fully realized how much he missed RF engineering.

So, how to re-enter the RF world after being out of it for nearly a decade? Go back and get a Ph. D.! As it turns out, his background in RF and software finds a nice meeting place in software defined radio. Add a little (actually, a lot of) studying in artificial intelligence and the stars seem to align for Mr. Horine and Cognitive Radio. Now with the end in sight for earning his Ph.D., Mr. Horine and Clarcona Technology are looking for adventure in radio, software, and cognition!

Additional team members

Depending on the size, scope and extra capabilities needed for a particular client or project, Mr Horine draws upon a network of highly experience, and well-respected peers to provide support as needed.

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