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Clarcona Technology, LLC. provides strategic consultation and services to address your most challenging wireless communications technology issues.  The firm specializes in areas such as waveform development and analysis, wireless communications system architecture, and RF circuit implementation.  With a core foundation of theoretical, software and hardware expertise, Clarcona Technology provides clients with crucial support at any stage of the project lifecycle—initial R&D  to final commercialization. The firm also is developing an IP portfolio and product line to better support clients’ technical and business initiatives.


  • Clarcona Technology currently is developing a high fidelity, PHY layer product to emulate large radio networks.
  • The firm also is developing a chaos-based radio simulator.


Thanks to Clarcona Technology’s wide breath of experience and expertise,  the firm provides a variety of levels of support within a project lifecycle, including: R&D, Engineering & Design, Simulation, Emulation, Testing & Prototyping , Product Management, Technology Commercialization, and Program Consultation (at both the technical and executive level).  The firm’s principal, Brent Horine, also has been approved for TS clearance.

Waveform Development and Analysis

OFDM and Chaos Modulation, Blind Link Rendezvous, OSSIE, NS-2

Wireless Communications System Architecture

SATCOM, Tactical, JTRS, 4G Mobile Broadband, SDR, Cognitive Radio, RADAR

RF Circuit Implementation

Wideband Power Amplifier Linearization, Digital Pre-Distortion, Wireless Algorithms on FPGAs, Crest Factor Reduction, Digital Superconductors, ADCs, Mixed Signal

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