Digital Superconductor Company Hypres Extends Relationship with Clarcona Technology

Brent Horine, principal of Clarcona Technology, LLC. is now serving as System Architect for Hypres’ commercial 4G basestation project. Mr. Horine has been consulting with Hypres, The Digital Superconductor Company™, for several years.  Mr. Horine brings not only his technical experience to the project, but also a strong history of commercializing innovative technologies. Hypres is the leading research and manufacturing organization for niobium-based superconductors for a number of applications including mobile networks. The 4G basestation will address the exploding demands for wireless data by aggregating multiple LTE or WiMAX streams into a single waveform, while minimizing the PAPR impact on transmit and co-interference on receive. The heart of the system is Hypres’ extreme dynamic range ADC operating directly at 2.6 GHz and covering the entire 200 MHz band.

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