Clarcona Technology, LLC. provides a wide breath of consulting services for wireless communications technology challenges that span the lifecycle of your project. With a core foundation of waveform, system architecture and circuit expertise, Clarcona Technology serves as your strategic partner to develop new, or enhance your current, wireless communications-based technologies and applications.

Thanks to Clarcona Technology’s wide breath of experience and expertise,  the firm provides a variety of levels of support, including: R&D, Engineering & Design, Simulation, Emulation, Testing & Prototyping, Product Management, Technology Commercialization, and Program Consultation (at both the technical and executive level).

The current economic climate provides a number of risks for today’s high tech businesses and entrepreneurs, especially those involved with innovative technologies. This is in addition to the inherent challenges associated with developing a new technology for the market (i.e. the famed Valley of Death between R&D and commercialization) or trying to bet on which technology path is the way to go for your solution.

Clarcona Technology can help

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